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4 Campbell Street, Scott Estate, Hout Bay

On behalf of Estate Late O. C. Atkins

Sale by Public Auction

Thursday 13th February 2020
11am (on site)

comprising a double storey residence with a spacious open plan lounge, dining room and kitchen,
opening onto a large sunny patio with built-in braai,
3 bedrooms (main en suite), bathroom with shower and w.c.,
study, laundry, pantry, cloakroom, double carport, swimming pool,
burglar alarm and irrigation system.

Although requiring ceratin redecoration, this home enjoys magnificent views over Hout Bay
and is excellently located cllose to all amenities.

Viewing: by appointment with auctioneers.

  ERF   2611 Hout Bay
  Extent:     495 m2
  Rates:     R1 988.75 p.m.
  Municipal Value 2018:     R 4 604 000.00
  Occupation:     on transfer

10% deposit plus 8.05% (incl VAT) Auctioneers Commission payable on day of sale.
Balance on registration of Transfer.

FICA Bidder Registration

  • Certified Copy of ID Document
  • Proof of Residential Address

on: Thursday 13th February 2020
at 11a.m. (on site)

VIEWING - by appointment with auctioneers.


UPON which J J Hofmeyr and Son c.c., acting on behalf of Estate Late OLIVER C. ATKINS, (herein after referred as the Seller), intend to offer at Public Auction and sell, the residence, known as

and more fully described as:

Erf: 2611 Hout Bay
In extent: 495 m2
Held by Deed of Transfer number T 73023/2002
  1. The sale shall be by the rise. The Seller reserves the right of declining to sell to the highest or any bidder.

  2. If any dispute arises between bidders the decision of the Auctioneer shall be final and binding as between such bidders.

  3. If the Auctioneer commits any mistake the same shall not be binding, but shall be rectified immediately.

  4. The registered owner will not benefit by any surplus in extent nor be answerable for any possible deficiency in extent and sells subject to the registered title and diagram. The Seller shall not be liable or responsible to indicate existing boundaries or beacons.

  5. The property is sold Voetstoots and the seller shall not be liable for any latent or patent defects in the property sold.

  6. The Purchaser warrants that the seller has not made any representation or given any warranty express or implied in connection with the said property, and he chooses DOMICILIUM CITANDI ET EXECUTANDI at the address herein set out.

  7. Possession subject to any lease or occupation shall be given 1st March 2020 by the seller to the purchaser from which date all revenue accruing from and expenditure in respect of the property shall be for the account of the purchaser. The Purchaser shall insure the property comprehensively and cede the policy to the Seller whereupon the risk shall pass.

  8. The Purchase money shall be paid as follows:
    10% thereof to the Auctioneer for account of the Seller on the day of the sale, and the balance to the Seller or his attorney against registration of transfer, with interest thereon (at 8% per annum) from the date of possession to the date of transfer.
    If required by the seller, the Purchaser shall furnish an undertaking by a bank within fourteen days of confirmation of the sale for the payment of the balance of the purchase price together with interest free of exchange in Cape Town.

  9. The Purchaser shall be bound on request to pay:
    • (a) Survey charges, if any,
    • (b) Transfer duty
    • (c) Auctioneer's Commission, 7%, excluding vat
    • (d) Costs attending the giving of transfer,
    • (e) Road Construction, drainage installation, electrical, plumbing, gas and beetle certification charges if any, and the purchaser will obtain such certificates and be responsible for payment and rectifying any defects recommended therein.

  10. The Purchaser shall be liable for a proportionate share of all rates and taxes reckoned from the date of possession.

  11. On due payment of the purchase price, interest and costs abovementioned, transfer shall be given in due form by the Seller's attorney, and shall be so accepted by the Purchaser.

  12. The Purchaser shall sign the Conditions of Sale on the spot, and if required shall provide a surety or sureties to the Seller's satisfaction, such surety to sign at the time of purchase or any time thereafter.

  13. If the Purchaser neglects or refuses to sign the Conditions of Sale on request of the Auctioneer, or fails to provide forthwith the surety/sureties aforesaid, the Seller may at his option then or so soon as convenient, sell the property at the expense or risk of the defaulter who shall submit himself to any loss thereby occasioned without benefiting by any eventual profit thereon.

  14. Transfer shall be given and taken forthwith.

  15. In the event of the property being purchased by a person acting as Trustee on behalf of a Company or Close Corporation or Trust about to be formed and the Company or Close Corporation or Trust is not registered or fails to take transfer of the property for any reason, within two months from the date of sale, the person so acting shall thereupon be bound to take transfer of the property in his/her name and to fulfil all the obligations of the Purchaser under these Conditions of Sale.

  16. This sale is subject to confirmation by the Seller to the Auctioneer by not later than:

    2pm on Tuesday 18th February 2020

  17. This sale is further subject to the Master of the High Court issuing his certificate in terms of section 42(2), of Act 66 of 1965 that there is no valid objection to the sale.

If the purchaser fails to comply with the aforegoing conditions of sale in every respect, the seller shall have the right to require the purchaser to rectify the breach by fully complying with these conditions of sale, and failing such compliance within 7 (seven) days after delivery of the seller's written notice, the seller shall, in addition to the right to claim all damages suffered in consequence of the purchaser's breach, be entitled to either enforce this agreement, alternatively to cancel the same by written notice and to institute proceedings for the eviction of the purchaser and of any persons in occupation of the property by virtue of the purchaser's possession or former possession thereof; all such actions to be at the cost and expense of the purchaser on the scale as between attorney-and-client. In the event of the seller electing to cancel this agreement and re-selling the property to another purchaser such resale shall be at the risk and expense of the purchaser who shall submit himself to all loss and cost thereby occasioned without benefitting from any eventual profit on such a resale and any payments made by the purchaser shall be retained by the seller on account of such loss and/or cost in part.

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